May/June 2011

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Cover: Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris by Kent Jones, plus Woody Allen interviewed

Features: Lu Chuan’s City of Life and Death by Michael Berry
Academics vs. Critics by David Bordwell
Michael Winterbottom’s The Trip by Chris Darke
Andrew Rossi’s Page One: Inside The New York Times by Stuart Klawans
On The Clock by Chris Petit & Iain Sinclair   

Hot Property: Daniel Cockburn’s You Are Here by Chris Chang

Alex Cox’s 10,000 Ways to Die: Henry King’s The Gunfighter by Alex Cox

Site Specifics: Jesse P. Finnegan on The Johnny Cash Project

Guilty Pleasures: Jodie Foster

The Accidental Auteur: Daniel and Diego Vega’s Octubre by Andrew Sarris

Sound & Vision: Tindersticks by Jim Supanick & Jim Campbell by Chris Chang

Brief Encounters: Werner Herzog by Harlan Jacobson

Industry: On Netflix by Roger Smith

Encore: Alberto Cavalcanti’s Went the Day Well? by Graham Fuller

Festivals: Berlin by Olaf Möller; South by Southwest by Mark Asch, Paul Brunick

Screenings: 13 Assassins by Tom Mes; !Women Art Revolution by Elisabeth Subrin; Beginners by Amy Taubin; L’Amour fou by Nathan Lee; Road to Nowhere by Nicolas Rapold

Short Takes: Buck by Chris Norris; Kidnapped by Lauea Kern; A Serbian Film by Laura Kern; Submarine by Nicolas Rapold; United Red Army by Nicolas Rapold; Viva Riva! by Chris Chang

Home Movies: Larks on a String by Scott Foundas

Small Screen: Todd Haynes’ Mildred Pierce by Paul Brunick

Readings: Scott Foundas on Minding Movies: Observations on the Art, Craft, and Business of Filmmaking

The Trivial Top 20: Best One-Word Titles (Pre-1960)