November/December 1976 (PDF)

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Cover: King Hu’s A Touch of Zen from the New York Film Festival 

Features: Louis Feuillade by Richard Roud 

Francis Ford by Tag Gallagher 

Vincente Minnelli’s A Matter of Time by George Morris  

Ingrid Bergman and Vincente and Liza Minnelli interviewed by Gideon Bachmann 

Structuralism and humanism by Robin Wood 

Claude Chabrol by Peter Harcourt 

Director-producer Stephanie Rothman by Terry Curtis Fox 

Poll of British critics and filmmakers by Jonathan Rosenbaum 

Midsection: A revisionist history of avant-garde film (part 3) by Amos Vogel 

TV cop shows by Tom Ryan 

Hollywood agent Jeff Berg by Richard Thompson 

New York Film Festival reviewed by James McCourt and Elliot Stein 

Journals: Los Angeles by Mitch Tuchman 

Venice by Stephen Harvey 

Telluride by Elliot Stein 

Books: The Western Films of John Ford by J.A. Place, John Ford by Joseph McBride and Michael Wilmington, and The John Ford Movie Mystery by Andrew Sarris, reviewed by Roger Greenspun; The Oxford Companion to Film ed. Liz-Anne Bawden, reviewed by Robin Wood