November/December 1978

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Cover: The Wiz, and Sidney Lumet interviewed by Dan Yakir

Features: Italian cinema in the Mussolini era by Ted Perry

Orson Welles by Joseph McBride

Director Michael Miller interviewed by Todd McCarthy

The New York Film Festival by Elliot Stein and James McCourt

TV commercials by Daniel Menaker

Hollywood tax-shelters by Mitch Tuchman

Guilty Pleasures by screenwriter David Newman

Midsection -- Makeup artists: Introduction by David Chierichetti

Great moments in makeup by Elliot Stein

Citizen Kane makeup artist Maurice Seiderman interviewed by Norman Gambill

Journals: Paris by Gilbert Adair

Books: Pictures Will Talk: The Life and Films of Joseph L. Mankiewicz by Ken Geist and Mank: The Wit, World and Life of Herman J. Mankiewicz by Richard Meryman, reviewed by Gary Carey