November/December 1980

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Cover: Raging Bull and 60 years of sports movies by Andrew Sarris

Hollywood glamour portraits by Carlos Clarens

3-D movies by Michael Kerbel

Akira Kurosawa interviewed by Dan Yakir

The Stunt Man by Richard T. Jameson, and director Richard Rush interviewed by Annette Insdorf

The New York Film Festival by Elliot Stein and James McCourt

Television and temporality by Daniel Menaker

The Northwest Film Study Center by Amos Vogel

Midsection: James Toback by David Thomson

Director Claudia Weill interviewed by Brooks Riley

New Talent: Producer Jon Davison by Dan Yakir, Director/cinematographer Caleb Deschanel by Doc Johnson, Michael Mann by Mike Greco, Cathy Moriarty by Roger Wade

Journals: Gdansk by Ernest Callenbach

London by Gilbert Adair

Ottawa by Leonard Maltin

Books: Women and the Cinema—A Critical Anthology ed. Karyn Kay and Gerald Peary and Sexual Strategems—The World of Women in Film ed. Patricia Erens, reviewed by Molly Haskell