November/December 1982

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Cover: Goldie Hawn by David Thomson

Features: Jerzy Skolimowski by Dan Yakir

New York Film Festival by Elliot Stein, James James McCourt, and Harlan Jacobson

Casablanca today by Chuck Ross and Richard Corliss

Writer/director Bill Richert by Richard T. Jameson

National Lampoon's Class Reunion by Myron Meisel

PBS's Sneak Previews by Marcia Froelke Coburn and Richard Corliss

Critiquing media on public access by Amos Vogel

Obit: Grace Kelly by Richard Corliss

Midsection -- Novels and Film: Overview by Lawrence O'Toole

Ray Bradbury interviewed by Mitch Tuchman

Novels into miniseries by Stephen Farber

Journals: Venice by Harlan Kennedy

Ottawa by Leonard Maltin

Toronto by Mary Corliss

Books: Lulu in Hollywood by Louise Brooks, reviewed by David Chute