November/December 1983

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Cover: Sam Shepard and The Right Stuff


Women Direct Women by Marcia Pally

John Lithgow’s Journal on Terms of Endearment

Sam Shepard by David Thomson

Also: Venice by Harlan Kennedy; Toronto by Marcia Froelke Coburn

Michael Mann’s The Keep by Harlan Kennedy

Cannon’s Golan and Globus by Barry Rehfeld

Abel Ferrara and Nick St. John meet Bruce Cohn Curtis by David Chute

I Remember Film School by Allan Arkush

New York Film Festival by Elliott Stein, Stephen Harvey, Harlan Jacobson

Video: Firesign Theater by Richard Gehr

Independents: The Market by Marsha J. Lebby

Industry: Testament by Sheila Benson

Back Page: Richard Corliss Reviews NBC’s Princess Daisy