November/December 1984 (PDF)

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Cover: Three Generations of Dance Movies by Marcia Pally, Gene Kelly interviewed by Ron Haver

Features: Hollywood’s Black Films and Prince’s Purple Rain by Armond White

A Soldier’s Story by Carol Cooper

Hollywood Chairs by Gregg Kilday

Midsection: Sex & Censorship by David Denby, Alan Dershowitz, Edw. Donnerstein & Daniel Linz, Al Goldstein, Dorchen Leidholdt, Neil Malamuth & Jan Lindstrom, Janella Miller, Marica Pally, Thomas Radecki, Margo St. James, Lois Sheinfeld, Ann Snitow


Edinburgh by Barbara Scharres

Mitch Tuchman and Charlie McDougal on Disney

Andrzej Wajda interviewed by Dan Yakir

Arthur C. Clarke interviewed by Joanna Lipari

New York Film Festival by Elliott Stein and Stephen Harvey

Obits: Richard Burton by Daphne Merkin

Bob Clampett by Kenneth C. Spence

Book: Richmond Crinkley on Jean-Paul Sartre’s Le Scénario Freud