November/December 1985

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Cover: Looney Toons by Richard Corliss, David Chute

Features: Marlaine Glicksman talk to women in Holywood

Hillbilly Cinema by Jimmy McDonough & Bill Landis

Lewis Teague by Dan Yakir

Bob Geldof’s Reel Help by Jack Barth & Mike Wilkins

Midsection- The 1985 Book Revue: Richard Schickel revisits the screenplays of Preston Sturges

David Thomson on a new collection of Cahiers du Cinema

Daphne Merkin on Bette Davis according to her daughter

Kurt Vonnegut interviewed by David Bianculli

John Powers on Jay McInierney, Bret Easton Ellis and ‘The MTV Novel’

John Boorman’s account of making The Emerald Forest by Jay Cocks

The Story of the Heaven’s Gate story by Anne Thompson

The 23rd Anuual New York Film Festival by Elliot Stein, Stephen Harvey, Harlan Jacobson

Festivals: Edinburgh by Harlan Kennedy; Toronto by David Kehr

Journals: Savage Steve Holland by Stephen Schaeffer; Emilio Fernandez at Telluride by J. Hoberman; Dan Yakir with Israeli director Nissim Dayan

Video: Movie theater vs. VCR in Britain by Harlan Kennedy