November/December 2006

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Cover: Borat by Nathan Lee

Features: Agnès B. by Amy Taubin
The Departed by Jean-Pierre Gorin
The Aura by Geoffrey O’Brien
Eugène Green by Jonathan Romney
Walerian Borowczyk, Seventies Art Cinema’s Erotic Provocateur by David Thompson
Christopher Guest by Kent Jones
Avant-Garde Ethnographer Mark Lapore by Tom Gunning

Distributor Wanted: Day Night Day Night by Chris Chang

Guy Maddin’s Jolly Corner: Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s House of Strangers by Guy Maddin

Guilty Pleasures: Crispin Glover

Alex Cox’s Flashback: Loose Change

Encore: Alberto Lattuada’s Mafioso by Phillip Lopate

Art of the Real: Michael Apted’s “7 Up” by Paul Arthur

Sound &Vision: Funky Forest by Philip Brophy & Catherine Chalmers by Chris Chang

Olaf’s World: The New Crowned Hope Festival by Olaf Möller

Festivals: Venice by Olaf Möller; Toronto by Gavin Smith, Mark Olsen, Nicole Armour

Screenings: The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes by Guy Maddin; Volver by Manuel Yánez Murillo; What is it? by Nathan Lee; Fast Food Nation by Kristin M. Jones; Our Daily Bread by Holly Willis

Home Movies: Baby Face by Gavin Smith

Readings: Dudley Andrew on The Village Voice Film Guide: 50 Years of Movies from Classics to Cult Hits, edited by Dennis Lim