November/December 2007

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Cover: No Country for Old Men by Geoffrey O’Brien

Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten by Howard Hampton
Ingmar Bergman by Kent Jones
Noah Baumbach by Kristin M. Jones
Eagle Pennell by Daniel Stuyck
Mumblecore by Amy Taubin
Juno by Starlee Kine
Battle for Haditha vs. Redacted by Paul Arthur

Fade Out: Remembering Edward Yang by Tony Rayns

Guilty Pleasures: by Richard LaGravenese

Sound & Vision: Babette Mangolte’s Seven Easy Pieces by Philip Brophy & the films of Richard Serra by Chris Chang

Encore: Joan Micklin Silver’s Between the Lines by Rob Nelson

Art of the Real: PBS’s P.O.V. by Paul Arthur

Brief Encounters: Ridley Scott interviewed by Harlan Jacobson

Olaf’s World: Indian Filmmaker Amit Dutta

Playbill: Promoting Melville’s Le Silence de la Mer by Lorenzo Buj & Post-war French movie posters by Otto Buj

Festivals: Venice by Olaf Möller; Toronto by Mark Olsen, Nicole Armour and Gavin Smith

Screenings: Southland Tales by Amy Taubin, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Laura Kern, Persepolis by Sam Adams, The Walker by Rob Nelson, Atonement by Graham Fuller

Home Movies: The Charles Burnett Collection by Megan Ratner

Readings: Stephen Thrower’s Nightmare USA: The Untold Story of the Exploitation Independents by Travis Crawford

Distributor Wanted: Useless by Chris Chang

Guy Madden’s Jolly Corner: Rowland Brown’s The Devil is a Sissy

Alex Cox’s Flashback: Luis Estrada’s A Wonderful World

Site Specifics: Paul Fileri on GreenCine Daily

Letters: Laurence Kardish on the Fassbinder Foundation controversy and Berlin Alexanderplatz restoration