November/December 2008

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Cover Story: Catherine Deneuve interviewed by Arnaud Desplechin

Milk by Nathan Lee
Ashes of Time Redux by Howard Hampton
Waltz with Bashir by Stuart Klawans
André Bazin by Dudley Andrew
Wendy and Lucy by Kristin M. Jones
Samuel Fuller’s White Dog by Lisa Dombrowski
Gabrielle by Robin Wood
Patrice Chéreau by David Ehrenstein

Fade Out: Manny Farber, 1917-2008 by Kent Jones

EncoreDemon Lover Diary and Seventeen by Rob Nelson

Sound & Vision: Straub-Huillet’s Moses and Aaron by Allen Shawn & Steve McQueen’s Hunger by Chris Chang

Brief Encounters: Mike Leigh

Festivals: Venice by Olaf Möller; Toronto by Mark Olsen, Nicole Armour, and Gavin Smith; Locarno by Chris Darke

Screenings: The Secret of the Grain by Elisabeth Lequeret, Slumdog Millionaire by Nicolas Rapold, JCVD by Evan Davis, Synecdoche, New York by Chris Norris.

Short Takes: The Betrayal by Nicolas Rapold, Dust by Nicolas Rapold, Lake City by Laura Kern, Splinter by Laura Kern, Theater of War by Nicolas Rapold, Timecrimes by Laura Kern

Home Movies: Sexploitation Labels Roundup by Maitland McDonagh

ReadingsCinematic Mythmaking: Philosophy in Film by David Zuckerman

Alex Cox’s Flashback: Robert Hossein’s Cemetery Without Crosses

Site Specifics: Paul Fileri on Order of the Exile (digital resources on Jacques Rivette)