November/December 2009

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Cover: Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox by Kent Jones

Features: Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon by Alexander Horwath
Lee Daniels’ Precious by Wesley Morris
Richard Kelly’s The Box by Nathan Lee
Robert Bresson vs. Samuel Fuller by Howard Hampton
Anne Wiazemsky by David Ehrenstein

Hot Property: Shirin Neshat’s Women without Men by Chris Chang

Author, Auteur: An Untitled Norman Mailer Short by Michael Chaiken

Site Specifics: Paul Fileri on Film-Philosophy

Hot Set: Abbas Kiarostami’s Certified Copy by Joan Dupont

The Accidental Auteurist: Corneliu Porumboiu’s Police, Adjective by Andrew Sarris

Sound & Vision: Anvil by Chuck Eddy & Aïda Ruilova by Chris Chang

Brief Encounters: Jason Reitman by Harlan Jacobson

Festivals: Venice by Olaf Möller; Toronto by Mark Olsen, Gavin Smith, Nicole Armour; Reykjavik by Laura Kern

Screenings: Up in the Air by Scott Foundas; A Single Man by Amy Taubin; Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans by Jessica Winter; Broken Embraces by Andrew Chan; The Road by José Teodoro

Short Takes: Act of God by Chris Chang; Brothers by Laura Kern; Mammoth by Laura Kern; Me and Orson Welles by Nicolas Rapold; A Town Called Panic by Nicolas Rapold; Until the Light Takes Us by Chris Chang

Home Movies: The Jean-Jacques Beineix Collection by Laura Kern

Readings: Chris Petit on Farber on Film: The Complete Film Writings of Manny Farber

Trivial Top 20: Most Memorable Instances of People Playing Themselves