November/December 2012

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Cover: Denzel Washington by Gavin Smith

Features: Alfred Hitchcock by Richard Combs
Room 237 by B. Kite
Miguel Gomes’s Tabu by Haden Guest
Book-length film studies by Jonathan Rosenbaum
Bruce Goldstein by Kent Jones
Red Dawn remake by J . Hoberman 

Hot Property: Ashim Ahluwalia's Miss Lovely by Nicolas Rapold

Alex Cox’s 10,000 Ways to Die: George and Beth Gage's Bidder 70

Site Specifics: La furia umana by Jesse P. Finnegan

The Trivial Top 20: Best Live-Action Musicals Since 1970

Brief Encounters: Cristian Mungiu by Harlan Jacobson

Encore: Wu Nien-jen's A Borrowed Life by Andrew Chan

Further Research: Hugo Fregonese by Dave Kehr

Sound & Vision: Jeff Shore and Jon Fisher by Chris Chang & 3MB by Violet Lucca 

Festivals: Venice by Olaf Möller, Toronto by Gavin Smith and Nicole Armour, and Locarno by Chris Darke

Screenings: Silver Linings Playbook by Emma Myers, The Central Park Five by Chris Chang, Cloud Atlas by Violet Lucca 

Short Takes: Anna Karenina by Graham Fuller, Chasing Ice by Chris Chang, The Comedy by Nicolas Rapold, The Impossible by Chris Chang, Rust and Bone by Laura Kern, This Must Be the Place by Nicolas Rapold 

Home Movies: Sokurov: Early Masterworks by Chris Chang

Readings: Do the Movies Have a Future? by Peter Tonguette


Special Supplement: The Dark Knight Rises 

Essay on the Dark Knight trilogy and interview with Christopher Nolan by Scott Foundas