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Film at Lincoln Center's poster for the 58th New York Film Festival (September 17 – October 11) is designed by filmmaker, artist, and “Pope of Trash,” John Waters. 

Waters’ NYFF58 poster is both a fond tribute and witty parody of the historic festival, poking fun at the long-held stereotypes, valid critiques, and presumed pomp and circumstance of the annual Lincoln Center event. The concept was developed before the current health crisis, in collaboration with and inspired by Waters’ legendary hometown press, Globe Poster. Founded in 1929 in Baltimore, Maryland, Globe Poster delivered eye-catching posters to promote concerts, drag races, circuses, carnivals, and more. Fluorescent colors, bold wood type, and lettering that shook and shimmied defined Globe’s iconic style, attracting clients from James Brown and Marvin Gaye to Tina Turner and the Beach Boys. Waters’ design stands in stark contrast to the current realities of city life and moviegoing with a much-needed sense of humor—there will be no waiting in line amongst intellectuals at this year’s unique festival! 

Of the design, John Waters said, “Since none of my films were ever chosen to be in the New York Film Festival, I was thrilled to be asked to design this year’s poster. I always knew I’d get my ass in there somehow! What better way to show my respect and irreverence for this prestigious event than to bring along Globe Poster, Baltimore’s famous press that promoted the best rock-and-roll shows all over America for decades? Trashy? Classic? Maybe it’s all the same in 2020 when we have to reinvent moviegoing itself.”

The color layers of the NYFF58 poster will be silkscreen printed, and the black text and images will be letterpress printed—a signature combination that Globe has used for decades—on Cougar 300lb natural paper. Globe ceased production in 2010, and the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) stepped forward to purchase a substantial portion of Globe, including wood type, letterpress cuts and posters. The acquisition by MICA keeps Globe’s legacy alive as a working press, a teaching tool, and source for research.

The poster is 18 x 24". Ships to U.S. only.