September/October 1974 (PDF only)

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Cover: Robert Altman by Michael Dempsey

Features: Lolita and dark cinema by Alfred Appel, Jr.

Jacques Rivette interviewed by Jonathan Rosenbaum, Lauren Sedofsky, and Gilbert Adair

Gene Hackman interviewed by Pete Hamill

Cinematographer Hal Mohr interviewed by Richard Koszarski

Tristana by Raymond Durgnat

New Directors/New Films by Roger Greenspun

Midsection: The Industry by Stuart Byron

Political documentaries by Amos Vogel

New York Film Festival Preview: The Phantom of Liberty by Richard Roud, Lacombe Lucien by Louis Malle, A Bigger Splash by David Robinson, Stavisky by Jan Dawson

Festival Journals: Cannes by Mary Corliss

Berlin by Richard Roud

Zagreb by Leonard Maltin

Books: Cinema in Revolution ed. Luda and Jean Schnitzer and Marcel Martin, trans. David Robinson, reviewed by Stuart Liebman