September/October 1977 (PDF only)

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Cover: The American Friend, and Wim Wenders interviewed by Carlos Clarens

Features: B movie auteurs by Dave Kehr

Television and low-budget director Lamont Johnson interviewed by Eric Orner

The Devil Probably by Richard Roud and Jan Dawson

Robert Bresson interviewed by Paul Schrader

Al Jolson by Andrew Sarris

Hollis Frampton interviewed by Mitch Tuchman

Exorcist II: The Heretic by Todd McCarthy

Midsection: New York Film Festival animation retrospective by Stan VanDerBeek

Censoring language for television by Michael Kerber

Werner Herzog by Amos Vogel

Journals: Cannes by Mary Corliss

Berlin by Richard Roud

Books: Experimental Animation by Robert Russett and Cecile Starr, reviewed by George Griffin