September/October 1982 (PDF only)

Current Stock:

Cover: Marilyn Monroe by David Thomson

Features: Howard Hawks's unmade films by Todd McCarthy

Comic book art and the movies by David Chute

Fitzcarraldo by George Dolis and Ingrid Weigand

Producer George Begelman by Harlan Jacobson

French screenwriters Gerard Brach, Christopher Frank, Jose Giovanni, and Francis Veber interviewed by Dan Yakir

Guilty Pleasures by Paul Bartel

Obit: Rainer Werner Fassbinder by Brooks Riley; plus, Fassbinder's women by Harlan Kennedy

Midsection -- Celebrity: The Marilyn Monroe industry by David Stenn

Edie Sedgwick by J. Hoberman

Natassja Kinski interviewed by Jodie Foster

Journals: Cannes by Mary Corliss

Sundance by Wendy Keys

Paris by Mike Greco

Books: Leonard Maltin on his guidebook TV Movies