September/October 2001

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Cover: Mulholland Drive by Philip Lopate and Amy Taubin

Abbas Kiarostami’s DIY doc ABC Africa by Jonathan Rosenbaum
Waking Life by Chris Chang 
Cahiers du Cinema by Dave Kehr and Chris Darke 
Jacques Rivette’s Va Savoir by Chris Chang and Kent Jones
Bela Tarr by Jonatham Romney
Kiyoshi Kurosawa by Chuck Stephens

Frame-Ups: Wiley Wiggins

Guilty Pleasures by Patrice Chereau

Off the Shelf: Essential Brakhage by Michael Koresky

First Look: Eric Rohmer’s The Lady and the Duke by Frederic Bonnaud

Journal: Hollywood by screenwriter Larry Gross

Sound & Vision: the Bully soundtrack by Chris Norris & The Top Grossing Film of All Time by Jason Salavon

Discovery: Richard Kelly by Mark Olsen

Distributor Wanted: Lift by Elvis Mitchell

Screenings: The Man Who Wasn’t There by Paul Arthur, Rock Star by Chris Norris, Joy Ride by Andrew Lewis Conn

Home Movies: Suspiria by Gavin Smith