September/October 2003

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CoverMystic River director Clint Eastwood by Kent Jones

Features: Gus Van Sant interviewed by Amy Taubin
plus Elephant by Kent Jones
Demonlover by Serge Kaganski
Yasujiro Ozu by Richard Combs
BMW-sponsored short film series “The Hire” by Chuck Stephens
Ms. 45 star and underground icon Zoe Lund by Kristin M. Jones
Chinese Cinema now by Bérénice Reynaud

Guilty Pleasures by Alec Baldwin

Frameup: Shelly Cole by Mark Olsen

Buenos Aires Journal: the new Argentine cinema by Pablo Suárez

First Look: Godard’s Liberty and Homeland by Frédéric Bonnaud

Sound & Vision: Demonlover by Howard Hampton and Manhatta by Chris Chang

Discovery: Suddenly director Diego Lerman by Pablo Suárez

Storyboard: Consideration by Bob Strauss

Screenings: In this World by Michael Almereyda, To Be and to Have by Amy Taubin, The Trilogy by Mark Olsen, Party Monster by Velma Darwin

Home Movies: Clint Eastwood’s Tightrope by Gavin Smith