September/October 2004 (PDF)

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Cover: I ♥ Huckabees by Gavin Smith

Peter Kubelka’s Poetry and Truth by Alexander Horwath
David Gordon Green’s Undertow by Kent Jones
Mike Leigh’s Vera Drake by Amy Taubin
Expat artists Cameron Jamie by Gary Indiana
Docu-angst by Paul Arthur
Shaw Brothers Studios by Chuck Stephens
Marlon Brando by Amy Taubin
Temenos Part II, the open-air premiere of Gregory Markopoulos’s Eniaios by Jeffrey Stout & Noah Stout
The Flaherty Seminar by Paul Arthur

Guilty Pleasures: Daniel Handler

My Jolly Corner: Nick Ray’s The Lusty Men by Guy Maddin

Distributor Wanted: Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Doppelganger by Chuck Stephens

Journal: Hong Kong by Li Cheuk-to

First Look: Ingmar Bergman’s Saraband

Sound & Vision: DJ Spooky by Joe Milutis & The Paintings of Maurice Pialat by Chris Chang

Olaf’s World: Hong Kong’s Modern Films by Olaf Möller

Movie of the Moment: Alexander Payne’s Sideways by Harlan Jacobson

Festivals: Los Angeles Film Festival by Robert Koehler, Mark Olsen

Review: Anatomy of Hell by Nathan Lee; Vanity Fair by Michael Agger; Bright Future by Chuck Stephens

Off the Shelf: Brian L. Frye on Kim Jong-Il’s On the Art of Cinema