September/October 2008 (PDF)

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Cover Story: Che by Amy Taubin

Election Movies by Howard Hampton
Heritage Cinema by Graham Fuller
Ballast by Rob Nelson
Generation Kill by Kent Jones
The Other by Pablo Suárez
Rob Nilsson by Dennis Harvey
Nagisa Oshima by Tony Rayns
Pierre Clémenti by Michael Chaiken

Guilty Pleasures by David Koepp

Olaf’s World: Allan Sekula by Olaf Möller

Encore: Nagisa Oshima’s Boy by Megan Ratner

Sound & Vision: Karlheinz Stockhausen by Joe Milutis & Tacita Dean by Chris Chang

Brief Encounters: Julianne Moore by Harlan Jacobson

Screenings: Happy-Go-Lucky by Amy Taubin, What Just Happenned by Bob Strauss, Momma’s Man by Nathan Lee, Let the Right One In by Laura Kern.

Short Takes: Choke by Chris Chang, Mister Foe by Nicolas Rapold, Moving Midway by Nicolas Rapold, Ping Pong Playa by Laura Kern, The Pool by Nicolas Rapold, RocknRolla by Laura Kern, Towelhead by Nicolas Rapold.

Readings: David Thomson’s “Have you Seen…?” by Richard Combs

Home Movies: Ken Russell at the BBC by David Thompson

Distributor Wanted: The Mugger by Chris Chang

Alex Cox’s Flashback: Marcel Ophuls’s The Sorrow and the Pity

Site Specifics: Paul Fileri on Europa Film Treasures