September/October 2016

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Cover: Toni Erdmann by Amy Taubin

Special Section: 54th New York Film Festival
Ava DuVernay on The 13th by Ashley Clark
Barry Jenkins's Moonlight by Farihah Zaman, plus interview by Nicolas Rapold
Bertrand Tavernier on My Voyage Through French Cinema by Joan Dupont
Pedro Almodóvar on Julieta by Carlos Reviriego

Features: Acting styles in American movies by Shonni Enelow
Watching classical cinema by Imogen Sara Smith
Film Criticism in the Age of Social Media by Nick Pinkerton
Kirsten Johnson’s Cameraperson by Michael Koresky
Charles Burnett’s To Sleep with Anger by Ashley Clark

Inspired: Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women by Nicolas Rapold

Release Me: Terence Davies’s A Quiet Passion by Michael Koresky

Directions: Roger Corman interviewed by Nick Pinkerton

Restoration Row: Peter Hutton by Max Nelson

Make It Real: Propaganda by Eric Hynes

Off the Page: Howards End by Michael Koresky

Playing Along: Movie theme songs by Andrew Chan

Scare Tactics: Don’t Breathe by Laura Kern

Finest Hour: Dean Stockwell by Sheila O’Malley

Inside Stories: VR by Tyson Kubota

Art and Craft: Sean Price Williams on cinematography

Critics’ Choice: Critics rate and comment on new releases

The Big ScreenAquarius by Yonca Talu, Fire at Sea by Stuart Klawans, Happy Hour by Dan Sullivan, American Honey by Paula Mejia

Short TakesThe Birth of a Nation by Michael Koresky, Demon by Ela Bittencourt, The Handmaiden by Violet Lucca, The Apostate by Yonca Talu, As I Open My Eyes by Michael Joshua Rowin

Home Movies: Olive Signature label by Steven Mears, Le CiNéMa Club streaming service by David Fear, Cat People by Michael Koresky, Homo Sapiens by Nicolas Rapold, Kamikaze ’89 by Violet Lucca, Midnight Run by Nick Pinkerton, Private Vices Public Virtues by Travis Crawford, Therapy for a Vampire by Chloe Lizotte, Wish List: Men... by Laura Kern

Readings: Dan Duryea: Heel with a Heart by Mike Peros, reviewed by Nick Pinkerton; A World Redrawn: Eisenstein and Brecht in Hollywood by Zoe Beloff, reviewed by Michael Joshua Rowin; Apichatpong Sourcebook: The Serenity of Madness, edited by Independent Curators International, reviewed by Nicolas Rapold

In Memoriam: Abbas Kiarostami by David Sterritt

Graphic Detail: Robert E. McGinnis by Adrian Curry

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