September/October 2018

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SPECIAL SECTION: The 56th New York Film Festival
Cover: Steven Yeun in Burning; article by Andrew Chan and interview with Yeun by Devika Girish
Roma by José Teodoro
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs by Michael Koresky
Monrovia, Indiana by Nicolas Rapold

Features: Chick Strand by Sierra Pettengill
Caniba by Abby Sun
Following the Money by Nick Pinkerton
1999 by Nick Davis

Inspired: Yorgos Lanthimos on The Favourite

Release Me: Mariano Llinás’s La Flor by Nicolas Rapold

Directions: Hirokazu Kore-eda by Mark Schilling

Restoration Row: Barbara Hammer x 10 by Max Nelson

Critics’ Choice: Critics rate and comment on new releases

Make It Real: Nonfiction campby Eric Hynes

Art and Craft: Director and cinematographer Reed Morano by Amy Taubin

Finest Hour: Bonar Colleano in The Way to the Stars by Robert Horton

Off the Page: John M. Stahl’s Seed by Imogen Sara Smith

Scare Tactics: Jeremy Saulnier’s Hold the Dark by Laura Kern

Currents: Andrea Bussmann’s Fausto by Jordan Cronk, Aaron Schimberg’s Chained for Life by Nellie Killian, Laura Parnes’s Tour Without End by Nellie Killian, Yeo Siew Hua’s A Land Imagined by Jordan Cronk, Oleksandr Techynskyi’s Delta by Robert Horton

In Memoriam: Kira Muratova by Sergei Loznitsa

Reviews: Private Life by Sheila O’Malley, Life and Nothing More by Amy Taubin, I Am Not a Witchb y Kelley Dong, Bisbee ’17 by Mark Asch

Short Takes: Can You Ever Forgive Me? by Teo Bugbee, Colette by Lauren Kaminsky, The Waldheim Waltz by Tina Poglajen, Wildlife by Steven Mears, The Guilty by April Wolfe

Home Movies: Memories of Underdevelopment by Esther Allen, Country by Michael Koresky, Desecration by Maitland McDonagh, Mohsen Makhmalbaf: The Poetic Trilogy by Farran Smith Nehme, Shampoo by Christina Newland, Strange Victory by Nicolas Rapold, Sunday’s Illness by Devika Girish, America to Me by Nick Davis, Wish List: Twisted Nerve by Laura Kern

Readings: Foucault at the Movies edited by Patrice Maniglier & Dork Zabunyan, reviewed by Thomas Beard; Confidential Confidential: The Inside Story of Hollywood’s Notorious Scandal Magazine by Samantha Barbas, reviewed by Nick Pinkerton; Are Snakes Necessary? by Brian De Palma & Susan Lehman, reviewed reviewed by Yonca Talu

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