Spring 1964 (PDF only)

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Cover: Exploitation Film director and producer Barry Mahon interviewed by Gordon Hitchens

Features: Children’s films and screen education by Tony Hodgkinson

Al Maysles interviewed by Maxine Haleff

Optical effects by Donald S. Hillman

Film in the Chinese People’s Republic

Cannes Film Festival by Max Weinberg

Shirley Clarke interviewed by Harriet Polt

The benshi by Tats Yoshiyama

Production notes on Bandits of Orgosolo by Vittorio De Seta

Cinema and politics by Yale Udoff

Film making in Bulgaria by Edith Laurie

Boston University Film School by Austin F. Lamont

Film Censorship and the Senate by Michael F. Mayer

Reviews: The Cool World by Shirley Clarke, reviewed by Jesse Walker and Gordon Hitchens; Le Trou by Jacques Becker and The Given Word (O Pagador de Promessas) by Anselmo Duarte, reviewed by Gordon Hitchens

Books: The Innocent Eye: The Life of Robert J. Flaherty by Arthur Calder-Marshall, reviewed by George Amberg; Indian Film by Erik Barnouw and S. Krishnaswamy, reviewed by Stuart Selby; The Personal Vision of Ingmar Bergman by Jorn Donner, reviewed by Brigitta Steene