Spring 1970

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Cover: Young German Film

Features: Documentary filmmaker Arthur Barron interviewed by Bernard Rosenberg and F. William Howton

Network Television and Documentary by Arthur Barron

Arthur Barron interviewed about his documentary trilogy The Great American Novel

Ingmar Bergman and E.T.A. Hoffmann by Robert Rosen

Boris Karloff by Lillian Gerard

Cornel Wilde by John Coen

Ernst Lubitsch by Herman G. Weinberg

Books: The Picture Palace and Other Buildings for the Movies by Dennis Sharp, reviewed by Eugene Ferraro; Dames and The Heavies by Ian and Elisabeth Cameron, Fritz Lang in America by Peter Bogdanovich, Ingmar Bergman by Robin Wood, and Antonioni by Ian Cameron and Robin Wood, reviewed by Donald Staples; A New Pictorial History of the Talkies by Daniel Blum and The Emergence of Film Art by Lewis Jacobs, reviewed by Herman G. Weinberg