Spring 1971

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Cover: Yasujiro Ozu by Donald Richie

Features: Francois Truffaut by David Bordwell

Bruce Baillie interview and filmography

James Whale by Paul Jensen

Screenwriter Eleanor Perry interviewed by Kay Loveland and Estelle Changas

Visual Anthropology: Introduction by Margaret Mead

Anthropological cinema by Jay Ruby

Ethnographic film production by Tim Asch

Argentine filmmaker Jorge Preloran interviewed by Howard Suber

Lost and Found: The Kid BrotherThe Miracle WomanOnce in a LifetimeMystery of the Wax MuseumBack StreetThe Front PageThe King of Jazz, and The Emperor Jones, by Richard Koszarski, George Lobell, and Richard Corliss

Film Favorites: The Searchers by Andrew Sarris

It’s Great to be Alive by Miles Kreuger

Books: Underground Film: A Critical History by Parker Tyler, reviewed by Regina Cornwell; The Movie Stars by Richard Griffith, reviewed by Gary Carey; Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood, reviewed by Norman Kagan; Additional Dialogue: Letters of Dalton Trumbo, 1942-1962 ed. Helen Manfull, reviewed by Howard Suber; D.W. Griffith: The Years at Biograph by Robert M. Henderson, reviewed by David Shepard; The Camera and I by Joris Ivens, reviewed by Willard van Dyke; Sergei Eisenstein and Upton Sinclair: The Making and Unmaking of “Que Viva Mexico!” ed. Harry M. Geduld and Ronald Gottesman and Seastrom and Stiller in Hollywood by Hans Pensel, reviewed by Herman G. Weinberg; Saint Cinema: Selected Writings 1929-1970 by Herman G. Weinberg, reviewed by George Amberg