Spring 1972 (PDF only)

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Cover: Notes on Film Noir by Paul Schrader

Features: Robert Aldrich interviewed by Alain Silver

Cuban Cinema by Pierre Sauvage

Klute by Robin Wood

Dziga Vertov by David Bordwell

Selections from Vertov’s writings translated by Marco Carynnyk

George Cukor interviewed by Gene Phillips

Film Favorites: Seven Women by Joseph McBride and Michael Wilmington

Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round by Stuart Byron

Journals: London by Richard Roud

Paris by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Los Angeles by Stephen Farber

Critics: Otis Ferguson by Gary Carey

Books: “Raising Kane” by Pauline Kael in The Citizen Kane Book, reviewed by Jonathan Rosenbaum; Surrealism and Film by J.H. Matthews, reviewed by Marshall Deutelbaum; Experimental Cinema by David Curtis, reviewed by Elena Pinto