Summer 1962 (PDF only)

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Cover: Operation Narqo by Lionel Ziprin

The Film Festival at Karlovy Vary by Edith Laurie

Back to the Greeks by Harry Feldman

The Eighth Flaherty Film Seminar by Gordon Hitchens

Nuderama by David Moller

Towards an Abstract Cinema? Not Yet by John Craddock

An Interview with José Luis Font by Jon Katz

A Film Society Takes Root by Maggie Dent

Demonstration and Discussion by Maxine Haleff  

The Films of Mary Ellen Bute:

Beyond Audio Visual Space by Gregory Markopoulos

Actuality and Abstraction by Mary Batten

The Defa Studio for Animated Films by Stewart Wilensky  

Stereotypes of Negroes in Film by Robert Williams  

Recurrent Themes in East German Film by Gordon Hitchens

Whither the Charles? By Joseph Blanco