Summer 1963 (PDF only)

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Interviews With Two American Directors

James Blue (The Olive Trees Of Justice) by Mary Batten

Frank Perry (David And Lisa) by William Bayer

The Business of Making Art Films by George Schiffer

42nd Street by Clara Hoover and Bill Troy

On Approaching the Film as Art by Alan Casty

Film Festivals

San Sebastian by Edith Laurie

Cannes by Nelly Kaplan

Ottawa by Edith Laurie

Midwest by Gordon Hitchens

Ann Arbor by George Manupelli

New York Film In and Out by Herman And Gretchen Weinberg

Student Film Workshop by Sol Worth

Place of Cinema in N.Y. Public Library by George Freedley 

Film Reviews

8 1/2 by Mary Batten

My Name Is Ivan by Peter Goode

Issues Overlooked Guest Contributor, Morris L Ernst