Summer 1965 (PDF only)

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Cover: Otto Preminger by Andrew Sarris

Features: Director/producer Ralph Nelson interviewed by Alan Casty

The Indian Film Festival by Edith Laurie

Francois Truffaut by Michael Klein

La Peau DouceUne Femme Mariée, and Le Bonheur by Frederick Wellington

The Scopitone film-jukebox by Howard Junker

Tokyo Olympiad by Cid Corman

Trends in the short film by Hilmar Hoffmann

Editing cinema verité by Patricia Jaffe

16mm film societies and filmmaking in Detroit by William Ewald

The film lectures of Slavko Vorkapich by Carl Lerner

Dr. Strangelove by F. Anthony Macklin

Civil Liberties News

Film News from the Museum of Modern Art

Books: Film: The Creative Process by John Howard Lawson, reviewed by Geogre Bluestone; Educational Films: Writing, Directing and Producing for Classrom, Television and Industry by Lewis Herman, reviewed by Donald E. Staples; Cinema Eye, Cinema Ear – Some Key Film Makers of the Sixties by John Russell Taylor, reviewed by Adrienne Mancia; Robert Flaherty ed. Wolfgang Klaue and Jay Leyda, reviewed by Walter Talmon-Gros; D.W. Griffith, Film Master by Iris Barry, reviewed by Lewis Jacobs