Summer 1971 (PDF only)

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Cover: Masters of Mise-en-Scene: Murnau, Welles, and Ophuls

Features: The long take by Brian Henderson

F.W. Murnau: Introduction by Gilberto Perez Guillermo

Sunrise by Molly Haskell

City Girl by Richard Koszarski

Tabu by Robin Wood

Orson Welles: Introduction by Mike Prokosch

Citizen Kane by David Bordwell

The Magnificent Ambersons by Stephen Farber

Touch of Evil by Terry Comito

The Immortal Story by Charles Silver

Max Ophuls: Introduction by Andrew Sarris

Letter from an Unknown Woman by Michael Kerbel

Caught by Gary Carey

The Reckless Moment by William Paul

Madame de… by Foster Hirsch

Books: Movies and Society by Ian C. Jarvie, reviewed by Garth Jowett; The Films of Robert Bresson ed. Ian Cameron, reviewed by Andree Hayum; Signs and Meaning in the Cinema by Peter Wollen, reviewed by Brian Henderson; Man of Aran by Pat Mullen, reviewed by Jack C. Ellis; 1930s books on the social and moral effects of movies, reviewed by Garth S. Jowett