Winter 1965 (PDF only)

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Cover: Leni Riefenstahl

Features: Interview with Leni Riefenstahl by Gordon Hitchens

Biographical sketch of Leni Riefenstahl

A detailed outline of Triumph of the Will

Program notes for Triumph of the Will by Marshall Lewis

Review of Riefenstahl's Berchtesgaden Uber Salzburg by James Manilla

A comeback for Leni Riefenstahl? by Ulrich Gregor

Can the Will Triumph? by Robert Gardner

Crisis in West German film by Jules Cohen

“Good Germans” and misguided Nazis in American film by Martin S. Dworkin

Film marathon at Mannheim by Gordon Hitchens

Notes on the Documentary Film Week in Mannheim by Erwin Leiser

Synopsis of Erwin Leiser’s Choose Life

Book and Film review of Womain The Duneby Adrienne Mancia

Conversation with actors Noboru Nakaya and Kyoko Kishida by Melvin Levison

Woman in the Dunes review by Kirk Bond

Thoughts on Woman iThe Dunes by Clara Hoover

Book Reviews: The Journal of the Society of Cinematologists reviewed by John Craddock, The Oscar by Richard Sale, reviewed by Stuart A. Selby; Joris Ivens and Alberto Cavallanti edited by Wolfgang Klaue, reviewed by William Sloan; Million and One Nights by Terry Ramsaye, reviewed by William Sloan

Film Reviews: ThRed Desert by Jules Cohen, Nothing but a Man by William Howton, Bay of Angels by Dolores Hitchens 

San Francisco International Film Festival by Harriet Polt