Winter 1971/1972

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Cover: Billy Wilder by Stephen Farber

Features: The Testament of Orpheus by George Amberg

The decline of foreign films by Stanley Kauffmann

Stanley Kubrick interviewed by Gene Phillips

Hollywood’s postwar paranoia by Paul Jensen

Jacques Demy interviewed by Graham Petrie

Lubitsch in the 30s by Andrew Sarris

AFI Archivist David Shepard interviewed by Austin Lamont

Film Favorites: Alice Adams by Elliott Sirkin

Happiness by Gary Carey

Journals: Paris by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Los Angeles by Jim Kitses

Critics: Robin Wood by Foster Hirsch

Books: The American Film Institute Catalog: 1921-1930, reviewed by Andrew C. McKay; Frank Capra: The Name Above the Title by Frank Capra, reviewed by Jean-Loup Bourget; History of the Kinetograph, Kinetoscope and Kinetophonograph by W.K.L. and Antonia Kickson, Motion-Picture World by David S. Hulfish, The New Spirit in the Cinema by Huntley Carter, The Art of the Motion Pictures by Jean Benoit-Levy, and The Negro in Films by Peter Noble, reviewed by Lewis Jacobs; A-Z of Movie Making by Wolf Rilla, Outline Of Czechoslovakian Cinema by Langdon Dewy, and An Introduction to Egyptian Cinema by M. Khan, reviewed by Norman Kagan; The Parade’s Gone By by Kevin Brownlow, reviewed by Howard Suber